Monday – Wednesday

Attends Bishops’ Conference Plenary, Hinsley Hall Leeds

Thursday 16 November

Attends the opening of Salford University Faith Centre 12:00

Diocesan Clergy Holy Hour, St Anne’s Stretford 2:30pm

Meeting of Greater Manchester Faith Leaders, Bishopscourt Manchester 7:30pm

Friday 17 November

Private engagements, Wardley Hall

Lunch with the retired Clergy of the Diocese, Cathedral House, Salford 12:30pm

Saturday 18 November

Celebration of Mass for the 80th anniversary of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) in England and Wales, Cathedral Church of St John 4pm

Monday 20 November

Attends OCCEB Trustees meeting, Cambridge

Tuesday 21 November

Attends an Environment Advisory meeting, House of Lords, London

Wednesday 22 November

Visit to ‘The Monastery’, Gorton, Manchester 10:00am

Diocesan Trustees meeting, Wardley Hall 2pm

Thursday 23 November

Celebration of Mass at Diocesan Communications Officers’ meeting, London

Friday 24 November

Private meetings, Wardley Hall

Saturday 25 November

Attends Embrace Youth Festival, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral