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Towards life, love and happiness

Marriage & Family

Towards life, love and happiness

The sympto-thermal method of family planning is empowering and allows the married couple to fulfil the moral and religious obligations of married love. Empowering women and men to take responsibility and to self-discipline is the first step to ensuring good quality health, well-being and family life.

But is it effective?

The sympto-thermal Method of NFP is known to be 98% effective for spacing or avoiding pregnancy.*

The sympto-thermal method is an excellent method of family planning because not only does it allow couples to either avoid or space pregnancy, it teaches couples who want to conceive (without using IVF or other artificial methods) to observe and choose the most fertile time of the cycle. Another important fact is that it is a very effective method for women with irregular cycles, breastfeeding women and women in the pre-menopause.

* A recent study in Germany (Frank-Herrmann et al., 2007) involving 900 couples found the symptom-thermal method of NFP to be 99.6% effective. Studies (Marshall 1976; Pyper 1997) have shown a complete absence of any unplanned pregnancies in the post-ovulatory phase.