The Five Stages

The Hope in the Future journey is broken down into five stages:

The first stage is to  encourage parishioners to recognise and celebrate the missionary activities that already take place in their Parish that proclaim the Gospel and share that good practice with other parishes in the Diocese.

The second stage is to encourage everyone within each parish to have an active role using their own particular gifts and talents to the greater glory of God and the good of others. Again it is hoped that parishes who have already discovered ways of doing this will help other parishes realise their full potential.

The third stage will be to consider the experience that people have during the Sunday Mass and try to ensure that the ‘source and summit’ of our faith is celebrated in the very best way possible looking at training all those involved in any way including the community as a whole. Again it is hoped that there will be a cross fertilisation of ideas and support amongst parishes .

The fourth stage will be to look at how we as Christian communities look after those who come in to contact with us through baptisms, weddings and funerals, Christmas and Easter, RCIA, sacramental programme, and our schools to ensure that we see these as opportunities to connect and proclaim the gospel, in other words to be missionary and evangelise. Many parishes will  already have ideas that work well that can be shared to help other communities.

The fifth stage is to ask how much are we a beacon of hope in our local community? Asking parishes to reflect on the presence and impact that they have in their area and think how this can be developed. Again it is hoped that good ideas and practice will be shared at a deanery and diocesan level.