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Person Specification 2018An Outline of Services & Support 

 “Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care.  It is a little like being parents, at least spiritually.  It is a great responsibility.  Teaching is a serious commitment that only a mature and balanced person can undertake.  A commitment of this type may inculcate apprehension, but remember that no teacher is ever alone, his or her work is shared with other colleagues and with all the education community to which they belong.”

Pope Francis – Audience with Catholic Union of Teachers, March 16 2015

Professional Advice & Support

The Department for Education provides a wide range of strategic assistance to school leaders and governors, who require advice and information, tailored to the requirements of the Voluntary Aided sector.  Provision includes day to day telephone advice on a wide range of matters including governance, appointments, admissions, school improvement, school leadership, Human Resources, as well as the dissemination of key documents through the Tuesday email. With careful consideration of current legal requirements and through consultation with schools through the Primary Partnership and Secondary Heads Groups, the Department formulates advice that is relevant and up to date.

Diocesan Headteacher Associates (DHA)

The Department for Education also enlists the help of trained Diocesan Head Teacher Associates (DHAs) to assist in this important work through such provision as pastoral visits to schools, mentoring newly appointed heads and Catholic Leadership Programme candidates, as well as supporting and advising governors on leadership appointments.

Diocesan Leaders of Education (DLE)

Diocesan Leaders of Education (DLEs) are very successful headteachers who are trained to support schools in a range of ways including school improvement, advising governors on headship appointments and mentoring of newly-appointed headteachers through their first year.

Diocesan Schools Alliance (DSA)

Together with our Teaching Schools, the Diocesan Schools Alliance (DSA) forms the main diocesan support provision for school improvement.  The DSA Committee meets regularly to ensure the provision of co-ordinated, timely and effective school to school support for schools in difficulty.  The DSA calls upon the expertise and capacity of DLEs to lead and provide this support.

Diocesan Property Department

The School Property Team provide advice and support on all aspects of school buildings including presenting and managing bids, oversight of school buildings projects, etc. For further details, advice and guidance, please contact:

John Corrigan, Diocesan Property Manager                                 john.corrigan@dioceseofsalford.org.uk

Matthew Barnes, Diocesan Building Surveyor                       matthew.barnes@dioceseofsalford.org.uk

Stephanie Connor, Administrator

School Building Forms:

Form A – Approval to DFC Expenditure 2015.doc

Form B – Approval to Capital Expenditure 2015

Form C – Professional Agreement 2015

Form K – Approval to Additional Costs 2015

Form L – Tender Report 2015

Form M – Final Costs 2015

Representation & Advocacy

The Department for Education works to secure the highest quality of provision and opportunities for Catholic Education by working in effective partnership with key local, regional and national organisations. The Department aims to represent the interest of Catholic schools & colleges, who work within a complex and ever evolving national education system.

The Officers for Education have regular communication with the many departments of the thirteen local authorities, the Department for Education, the National College, the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers, as well as a range of interest groups.  The Department for Education is ably assisted by key Headteacher and school staff who represent the interests of Catholic education in communication with many local authority groups (e.g. Admissions, SACRE).

Continuing Professional Development & Formation (CPDF)

Formation is “growing continuously in intimate union with Christ, in conformity to the Father’s will, in devotion to others in charity and justice” (John Paul II, 1988). The life-long formation of all our staff is critical for the mission of Catholic Education. Continuing Professional Development and Formation (CPDF) represents the provision from the Department for Education to support schools and colleges in this mission in Catholic Education.  Schools & Colleges require the highest quality assistance to develop key features such as school Catholic leadership, governance and the Religious Education curriculum. Overall, provision focuses on the essential matters which contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural formation of our children and young people.

The Department for Education consults with official focus groups, representing primary, secondary and sixth form leaders, as well as Primary RE leaders and RE Heads of Department and Section 48 Inspectors.  All the various groups help to formulate the nature and extent of provision across the Diocese, which aims to build the capacity to develop outstanding schools and colleges.  The Department regularly and annually reviews the CPDF provision to ensure it is appropriate, effective and responding to current need.

Focus for CPDF:

  1. Provision for Catholic School Leadership and Governance development;
  2. Support for the Teaching of Religious Education and Worship;
  3. Chaplaincy support for schools and colleges in partnership with the Department for Formation;
  4. Mission Statement review and support for schools;
  5. Support for school inspection (pre & post section 48 training);
  6. Support for Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Formation;
  7. INSET for networks of schools (Outreach).

NQT Primary Pool 2018

The Primary Pool will identify excellent teachers who have gained newly qualified teaching status in summer 2018 and will be recommended for interview to Catholic schools with vacancies for 1st September 2018. Further details here

Completed application forms are to be returned to Lauren Cumbo, Department for Education at the above address or emailed to lauren.cumbo@dioceseofsalford.org.uk by 12.00 pm on
Friday 26th January 2018.

Teacher Application Form

Job Description 2018

Person Specification 2018

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS)

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies offers a wide range of modules specifically for teachers, parish workers or those who work within a Catholic Chaplaincy.

The course seeks to:

1) provide teachers, chaplains and those involved in parish ministry with knowledge and understanding of the teaching and beliefs of the Catholic faith;

2) enable all participants to make an informed contribution to their chosen field of work in the Church.

 For further details click here.

North West Catholic Dioceses Training Partnership (NWCDTP)

The North West Catholic Dioceses Training Partnership was established in 2005, originally as the Catholic Training Partnership, building upon over 25 years of collaborative working by the North West Catholic Dioceses.

Working together in collaboration, on behalf of all the senior leaders, staff and governors of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Dioceses of Lancaster, Salford, Shrewsbury & Wrexham, the NWCDTP works in partnership with Diocesan Officers for Education & schools to provide high quality training and formation on matters of common interest, in the spirit of the common good. The group also references national educational issues, and, through the Directors, may recommend matters to be passed on to the CES.

The current provision of the partnership focuses on cross-phase Catholic Leadership training & formation, and is also set out on a provision map, referencing and signposting to training and formation available within and beyond each diocese in the Partnership:

  • Catholic Middle Leadership Programme
  • Catholic Leadership Programme
  • Post Graduate Catholic Leadership Programme
  • Aspiring to Deputy Headship Conference
  • Aspiring to Headship Conference
  • Excellence & Innovation Days
  • Further details for each course can be accessed here.

Full details of provision can also be found by visiting the NWCDTP website: http://www.nwcdtp.org.uk