Religious Education

The Department for Education seeks to support its network of Catholic Schools and Colleges in all the work they do to provide the highest standards of Religious Education and faith formation. The Department’s team wishes to provide them with up to date information and advice about all the current national and international developments in these areas, including inviting nationally and internationally famous guest speakers to present their ideas in our Diocese.

The Department arranges high quality Continuing Professional Development for school leaders, teachers and support staff so that they can serve our children and young people in their knowledge and practice of and witness to their faith. We wish to ensure, also, that members of staff from across our family of Catholic schools can have opportunity to meet, share ideas and support each other. All courses can be viewed and booked through our website. We can also support individual schools and clusters who have identified a particular need in relation to their RE development, by leading training days or twilights.

For example, many of our primary schools have started to use the ‘Come and See’ scheme as their main teaching resource. We can offer training on the scheme if that is needed. We can also advise on RSE delivery and multi-faith teaching. We can respond to schools who need advice in the run up to Section 48 inspections also.

We have a team of Specialist Teachers of RE (SLREs) whom we can put schools in touch with for further individual support. Our main advisors for RE, however, are Anna Nuttall (High Schools) and Patty Ganley (Primary Schools). They can be contacted through the Education Department on 0161 817 2204. Finally overall responsibility for RE within the Diocese of Salford rests with the Deputy Director for School Support.