CYMFed Award

Faith in Action

CYMFed National Catholic Award Scheme


The Faith in Action Award has been created to facilitate an exploration of scripture and Church teaching, with an emphasis on translating this into action. The programme rewards active service in schools and parishes, encouraging young people to take their service into the wider community and accept greater responsibility for their faith in action. It encourages them to shine the light of faith upon their experience, reflecting upon how this shapes and moulds them as young people.

Who is this for?

The scheme is, primarily, for Y6 –Y11.

It is envisaged that schools and parishes will use the materials within their respective schools/parishes. That is to say, even though a participant may wish to aim for the gold award, the local school or parish may encourage them to aim for the silver in a given year so that they may then have something to work towards in the years ahead.

The award should link together home, parish and school. For young people to achieve the higher award, there will need to be a link between parish and school. However, if there is not, can you please contact Lorraine at the Diocese for more information.

The Faith in Action Award helps young people identify and celebrate what is really important and to formally achieve recognition for the many different ways they contribute positively to the community.

Young people will be encouraged to take ownership of projects, developing them according to their own talents and interests, all understood in the light of the Gospel message and the common call to discipleship.

Who is the award run by?

The award is run by the Diocese but is moderated nationally to allow all participating dioceses to have a fair system of assessment.

This means any group (school or parish) that wants to be involved must be registered with the Diocese before starting the award.

How can I register?

For parishes, please contact Lorraine at the Youth Office for more information (0161 817 2205).

For schools, there will be a formal launch within the Diocese and you will be notified of this nearer the time.

How long does it take to complete the award?

It is recommended that the programme should commence around September* and final pieces and hours completed by the following May/June.

*However this may vary but the award can take up to 8 months dependent on hours etc.

The awards ceremony will then be after the summer break where you will be presented with your Diocesan certificate by the Bishop.

At a glance:

There are four different levels of award commencing in year 6 a brief outline can be downloaded here.

Cafod have also produced a resources pack to help those who are on the Faith in Action Award:

Is this the same as the Duke of Edinburgh award?

The Faith in Action Award differs from the DofE in that as the year goes on, we would ask the young people involved in their acts of service to reflect on why they are acting in this way and what the results of their actions might be through four 90 minute reflection points based on the Pastoral Cycle of see-judge-act. However, it is possible to create a full retreat for each point if desired.

These reflection points are vital as they allow the young person to act and then reflect on that action. Our actions will then in turn change through this reflection.

At the end of the year the young people will be asked to show how their thoughts might have changed by completing a final piece of work that shows how they have engaged with their work and service and how the reflection points have allowed them to grow in their relationship with God and neighbour.

You will be asked to keep a Journal (Personal reflections on Faith in Action) based on the following:

  • We love because we are loved.
  • Loving our neighbour is loving Jesus.
  • Our active love builds the Kingdom of God
  • Servant Leadership – a life lived, not an example given.

Final piece of work (submitted to a Moderator)

  • Personal reflection on the individual’s journey in faith. Reflecting on what they have learnt about themselves, God and the world in which they live.

“The Faith in Action Award Scheme is a welcome encouragement to young people to actively develop their relationship with God, to deepen their faith and put that faith into action for the common good.

Its strength lies in inviting young people and adults in schools and parishes to journey together in faith and to make a difference in the world around them; so that all might know the joy of the Gospel.”

Bishop John Arnold