10 Reasons to participate in WYD Lisbon 2023

Saturday 3rd September 2022

As the registration deadline to join our Youth Ministry Team at World Youth Day 2023 draws ever closer, we take a look at what makes it such an unforgettable experience for young Catholics. Read the post below from the official WYD Lisbon 2023 team to find out more!

Please click here to find out more about joining us in Lisbon next year.

1. Being with the Pope

Can you imagine spending a few days near the Pope? Being in the same place as the Holy Father is an unforgettable experience, even if you are 1 km from the altar at the final mass or just see the popemobile passing by! In addition to physical proximity, take the opportunity to listen and support the Pope, who has a very big challenge in the world.

2. Meet young people from around the world

Lisbon will welcome young people from all continents, and you can be one of them! You will see flags of many countries, hear songs and prayers in more than a dozen languages, exchange impressions with other people – and even bracelets, plaques, numbers, and friendship. We challenge you to prepare and take a box with souvenirs to offer to pilgrims who come from all over the world!

3. Be part of a unique pilgrimage

World Youth Day has been around for just over 30 years, but the practice of pilgrimage es very old. Going on a pilgrimage can be a great way to pray with your body! It is common to walk many kilometers a day and go to bed tired and happy!

4. Experience the true joy of being a Christian

The positive energy of WYD has no equal! People sing and dance all over the city. The atmosphere is amazing, cheerful, welcoming. Bring your good mood and come from there! What are you waiting for?

5. Create memories in this unique event

We could say “What happens on the Journey, stays on the Journey” Do you think so? No! Dream big, allow yourself to be contagious and let the experiences you live on the Journey not close in the drawer of the past, but overflow into the present and the future!

6. Witnessing the faith of different cultures

WYD is a disruptive time when we show the world that the Church is alive! WYD is not just for pilgrims. It involves the entire city that welcomes it, the entire community! Lisbon is getting ready to welcome you and your friends.

7. Charge batteries in your relationship with God

We heard someone say, “this week is an oasis in my year”, a time to reconnect with God. The pace of contemporary life is typically fast paced, our attention is permanently required by devices. Is difficult to stop once a day to meditate? Don’t worry if you haven’t made it as often as you’d like. At WYD Lisbon 2023 you will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries in your relationship with God! Try to predispose your senses to an inner listening and you might be in for a surprise.

8. Learning to serve and love

“We are 1, we are 2, we are 3, we are millions, al together singing, long live the Pope! Between singing at the top of your lungs and long pilgrimages through Lisbon, needs will arise. Keep one eye on others and their needs – thirst, hunger, heat – and take the opportunity to discover opportunities to serve and love. It is through small gestures that peace is transmitted and received!

9. Improve the future together

Whatever role you play in the Journey – pilgrim or volunteer – it is likely that certain events, stories, conversations, people will take you out of your comfort zone. Take advantage of those shakes or shakes to rip your horizons! WYD is a privileged moment to look to the future together.

10. Make important decisions

You know what? The Journey is such a special event that it makes us realize that we are not alone, even if it sometimes seems to us. There are many people from all over the world who support us, and they are also trying to be saints. We hope that this awareness, combined with experience, will fill you with the courage to make important decisions, the ones that make you dizzy!


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