Caritas: The Lifeline Adapting to a Changing World

Friday 17th April 2020

The pandemic we are currently facing has, in someways, highlighted the fact that we are a global family, all interconnected, brothers and sisters. Though we are apart – whatever our differences and wherever we come from – we are sharing the experience of living through this period of huge uncertainty and change.

At the least, many of us are experiencing heightened anxiety and fear, missing our families and wondering what will happen next.  But for many in our communities, there are other prominent worries on top of this. What happens if I cannot afford food or electricity or get to my food bank? How can I remain in contact with people now that my support networks are more difficult to access?

Caritas Salford has long been providing vital support to people in need around our diocese. Coronavirus does not mean that this support will stop.  Like almost everyone in society, Caritas is having to work differently, adapting how it carries out its services to ensure it can still reach those most in need.

Supporting our Communities

Caritas’ services are as essential as ever. In the news, we are hearing lots of statistics. But behind each of these statistics is an individual – a real face, a real story, a real struggle.  The support of Caritas’ staff and volunteers is making life a little easier for these individuals.

Each week, Cornerstone has been providing 300 lunches and on top of this, over 70 food parcels and meal deliveries have been delivered to older members of our community.  That is hundreds of people who, without the help, would go hungry.

At one of Caritas’ services an elderly gentleman was in tears describing how lonely he has felt since the centre has been closed. He has no family support and said that the centre has been the only constant in his life. As well as providing food support, a Caritas staff member has been checking in with him every couple of days to reassure him he isn’t alone, offering solace and support.

For those who are able to access technology, some of Caritas’ education services have gone online.  In one project, which supports young parents, staff are helping mums with educational ideas to help keep their babies and toddlers entertained virtually.  However, those who do not have digital access are being supported in other ways.  Many of those supported by St Joseph’s Befriending Service have received cards and phone calls to ensure they aren’t alone during this time.

Thank you

The support of those in our diocese is helping Caritas to continue its essential work.  Donations, sharing the message of Caritas, prayers and volunteers – as well as its team of committed staff – are helping Caritas to adapt to this unusual new normal.

Caritas is here for you. If you need support, you can get in contact and find more about each project by visiting this page.

If you are in a position to support Caritas financially, you are able to donate on JustGiving.


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