Celebrating 60 years of the Diocese of Salford Catholic Fellowship

Cathedral of St John, Chapel Street, Salford, M3 5LL
Saturday 2nd June 2018

Come and Join Diocese of Salford Catholic Fellowship (for people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities, their families and friends)

Celebrating 60 years of service in the Diocese of Salford of the Catholic Fellowship – for the support and welfare of children and adults which physical, sensory and learning disabilities. Looking back with Joy; looking forward in Hope that such service may continue and evolve to suit the needs of our day in our  Communities.

Mass at 2pm concelebrated by Bishop John with other priests who are associated with the Fellowship.

Followed by Afternoon Tea in the Cloisters and Gardens of Cathedral.  Exhibition of records and photos etc.

We welcome everyone from all churches and groups where people with any disability are served and to people and groups who know nothing about us and would like to find out!

“Vulnerability is intrinsic to the essential nature of mankind.”  Young person to Pope Francis on visit in South America.

“The church cannot be voiceless or out of tune in its defence or promotion of people with disabilities.”  (Pope Francis)

“Each person with gifts, limitations and even severe disabilities can encounter Jesus on their journey and trustfully abandon themselves to him.  No physical or mental limitation should ever be an impediment to this encounter, because Christ’s face shines in the heart of each person.” (Pope Francis)

For more information email: janemmurphy@hotmail.com

Refreshments in the Cloisters afterwards

     Come and meet old friends or make new ones! 

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