The Laudato Si Centre

The Laudato Si Centre is an exciting new project at Wardley Hall which aims to make the Diocese of Salford a flagship for effective action on climate change. You can see the latest resources and updates at: 

The centre was announced by Bishop John in Lent 2019 in response to the current climate crisis and Pope Francis’s call for us all to care for our common home in his document Laudato Si, which the centre is named after.

During the Lenten period, the parishes and schools of the Diocese of Salford were issued with a challenge from Bishop John to take the environmental crisis more seriously and to make small changes in their own lives that would make a difference. The Bishop didn’t just ask others to make changes; he has responded to his own challenge by beginning this major environmental project in the grounds of his residence.

It is an ambitious project which will take about 3-5 years to be fully realised, but it is hoped that the Centre will create a space for all to learn how they can take practical action to tackle climate change and will help to work towards a sustainable world for future generations.


The walled garden is the first phase of the project to be worked on and will house vegetable patches and beehives. Future phases for the Centre include a wildflower meadow and learning spaces for schoolchildren to attend, and the final elements of the project will be agreed after a period of consultation with parishes and schools.

In time, the Laudato Si Centre will welcome members of the public and we hope that the introduction of the centre will inspire the local community, schools and parishes to transfer some of the ideas on display into their own communities.

To get in touch with the team, please contact 

Please note that at present, any visits to the Laudato Si Centre are by prior appointment only. Thank you.

The Story So far…

June 2021 A volunteer has dedicated a week of his time to working at the Laudato Si Centre. During the week, Ben completed a variety of tasks including, chipping of ‘Willow Wand Wave’, preparing area for sowing wild flower seeds and many other things. To read more please click here. 

May 2021 We celebrated Laudato Si Week, a global event sponsored by the Vatican’s Dicastery. Over the last year there has been a great response around the diocese to the challenge of Laudato Si. Click here to read more about how people have been getting involved.

April 2021 We announced the Winners of Laudato Si Logo Competition. Following hundreds of incredible entries, we were happy to announce that Max from St Mary Magdalene RC Primary School, Burnley, is our winner. To view the Logo, please click here.

January 2021 Planning permission for the first phase of the Laudato Si Centre was approved and plans are moving forward.

October 2020 Planning permission has been submitted to begin the first phase of building at the Laudato Si Centre. It is hoped that in Phase One we will be able to build a reception centre in order to be able to welcome visitors.

February 2020 More than 60 pupils from 10 Catholic primary schools around our diocese put on their gardening gloves and picked up their spades as they planted 20 fruit trees which will grow into an orchard in the years to come. Find out more about the planting day.

July 2019 This summer, the Laudato Si Centre hosted its first eco-summit with attendees from 18 primary schools across the Diocese of Salford. Each school sent a representative with an example of how they are working within their own school to care for their common home and living more sustainably.

October 2019 The first four trees were planted to mark the launch of the Memorial Forest, in partnership with charity Life for a Life, at Wardley Hall. Over time, the Memorial Forest will grow into a special space for families to cherish and remember lost loved ones – as well as nourishing our air for generations to come.

For all the details of how to plant a tree and who to contact please visit the Life for a Life Website.