Visiting us

The Cathedral Centre

Next to Salford Cathedral is the Cathedral Centre, where you will find the support services of the diocese.

The Cathedral Centre opened in 2009. It is home to the professional support services of the diocese, including the departments of: Finance, Safeguarding, Education, Formation, Property, Health and Safety, Communications and the Chancery and Tribunal.

As well as having the professional support services of the diocese in one building working together as one body and serving the diocese as a whole, the Cathedral Centre is a well used conference facility for many organisations.

Directions to the Cathedral Centre

If you’re visiting us for a meeting or conferenceyou can find directions and parking details below.

Travelling by Rail

Carparking facilities nearby

Wardley Hall

Since the arrival of Bishop John at Wardley Hall, the house has undertaken a number of renovations and is now a place which welcomes thousands of parishioners from across the diocese each year as a place for retreats and talks.

Wardley Hall is not open to the general public. If you are interested in visiting please contact 

Additionally, the grounds are home to the diocese’s environmental centre Laudato Si’ Centre

Directions to Wardley Hall

Wardley Hall is accessible by car and bus (with some walking required).

There is a small car park outside the Hall.