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Senior Leadership Vacancies

Headteacher, St Ann’s Primary, Stretford
(Closing Date: 8.3.21. 10.00 am)

Chief Finance Officer, Romero Catholic Academy Trust
(Closing Date: 11.3.21. 12 noon)

Headteacher, St Mary’s Primary, Bacup
(Closing Date: 15.3.21. 12 noon)

Deputy Headteacher, St Gregory’s Primary, Bolton
(Closing Date: 17.3.21. 12 noon)

Deputy Headteacher, St Chad’s Primary, Manchester
(Closing Date: 18.3.21.)

Assistant Headteacher, St John Vianney Special School, Stretford
(Closing Date: 19.3.21. 12 noon)


Teaching Vacancies

Subject Leader RE, Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton
(Closing Date: 8.3.21. 12 noon)

RE Teacher, St Damian’s High, Ashton
(Closing Date: 12.3.21. 12 noon)

Teacher of MFL, St Damian’s High, Ashton
(Closing Date: 12.3.21. 12 noon)

Class Teacher, St Herbert’s Primary, Chadderton
(Closing Date: 12.3.21.)

RE Teacher, St Cuthbert’s High, Rochdale
(Closing Date: 12.3.21. 12 noon)

Second in English, St Monica’s High, Bury
(Closing Date: 15.3.21. 12 noon)

Teacher, St Malachy’s Primary, Manchester
(Closing Date: 18.3.21. 12 noon)

Class Teacher KS2, St Bernadette’s Primary, Whitefield
(Closing Date: 18.3.21. 12 noon)

Teacher, St Joseph’s High, Horwich
(Closing Date: 18.3.21. 12 noon)


Religious Life in School

There are currently no vacancies in this section

Support Staff

TA4, St Clare’s Primary, Manchester
(Closing Date: 12.3.21. 12 noon)

Family Worker, St Mary’s Primary, Littleborough
(Closing Date: 15.3.21. 12 noon)

Site Manager, Brownedge St Mary’s High
(Closing Date: 15.3.21. 12 noon)

Caretaker, St Luke’s Primary, Salford
(Closing Date: 19.3.21. 12 noon)

NQT Primary pool
Advertising Policy

Please find below the policy for advertising School vacancies on the Diocesan website:

Adverts must be received by 5:00pm on Tuesday for them to be posted on the website by 5:00pm on the Wednesday of the same week. Any adverts received after the Tuesday deadline will not be posted until the Wednesday of the following week.

Please email adverts to

Be advised that we only post adverts on our website so please ensure you just send the advert through. Job Descriptions, Person Specification, Application forms etc. should all be posted on your own website. In your advert you should include a link to the vacancy on your schools website. If you are unable to add the relevant documentation to your website please include a link to an email address where the potential applicant can request this information.