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Fr Eamonn Mulcahy – Synods & Church under Pope Francis

Fr Chris Gorton – Formation Series: Stage 4 – Proclaiming the Good News

Home, School, Parish Partnership

As we continue on our journey together it is important that we spend some time further developing our school and parish links. We are blessed in our Diocese to have many wonderful schools where pupils are contributing to the Catholic life and mission through prayer and service for those in need. They are supported in their endeavours by dedicated and gifted staff.

We also have dynamic and active parishes which are on this same journey to become beacons of hope in their communities. It is important that we walk together – home, school and parish – to engage with young people and their families.

It is important that the good work which takes place in the school is shared and lived out in the parish community and that the young people’s faith journey continues in the parish long after they leave school through ongoing lifelong faith formation.

In June 2018, each school was presented with a blessed San Damiano cross from Bishop John, echoing the same image presented to parishes. On Monday 4th October 2021, school communities are invited to relaunch Hope in the Future, using the following resources:

Hope in the Future – Update to Schools
Hope in the Future: Home, School, Parish video
Hope in the Future Schools – Launch Liturgy – Primary (PPT)
Hope in the Future Schools – Launch Liturgy – Primary (PDF)
Hope in the Future Schools – Launch Liturgy – Secondary (PPT)
Hope in the Future Schools – Launch Liturgy – Secondary (PDF)
Introduction to Hope in the Future – Schools (PPT)
Introduction to Hope in the Future – Schools (PDF)
Fostering good relations between Home School Parish
San Damiano Cross Outline

Stage 4 Resource Pack

Please see below a link to the Hope in the Future Stage 4 resources. In this Stage, we will be focussing on ‘Proclaiming the Good News’, reflecting on how we can develop links between our schools, parishes, and families and how we can help those who come into contact with our parishes through the celebrations of baptism, weddings, funerals, RCIA, Christmas and Easter Liturgies to experience the Good News of Jesus Christ. The resources also include details of upcoming Training and Formation events. Please share these resources with your parish.

Stage 4 Resource Pack

New videos – please share!

We have produced two new videos to help explain the Hope in the Future programme and Bishop John’s vision for Home, School, Parish Partnership. Please share these videos in your parishes and schools.

An Introduction to Hope in the Future

Home, School, Parish Partnership

Hope in the Future Anthem

Have a listen to the ‘Hope in the Future Anthem’ which was written by Debbie Prince at the launch of Hope in the Future in our schools in 2018. The hymn is a gift from the schools to the parishes.

Hope in The Future Anthem Sheet Music

Hope in the Future Anthem Chords

Hope in the Future Anthem Lyrics

Hope In The Future Anthem – Piano, Melody & Vocals

Hope In The Future Anthem – Piano and Melody

“Rebuild Parish Communities” in a post-Covid world

We have released a new resource to help rebuild parish communities following the pandemic.

As part of the diocese’s Hope in the Future programme – a five-stage initiative to make our parishes hubs of missionary discipleship within our communities – this valuable resource looks at the opportunities and challenges we face as we head into a post-Covid world.

Announcing the launch of the Rebuilding Parish Communities resource, Bishop John said: “In his book, Let us Dream – the path to a better future”, Pope Francis challenges us to dream a fairer and stronger Church and World.

“This resource is designed to be a ‘living document’ to help individuals and communities as we rebuild and strengthen our Faith and communities, while we emerge from the pandemic.”

The document aims to guide parishes and Hope in the Future teams as restrictions begin to lift further and more parishioners return to in-person worship.

Through the Rebuilding Parish Communities resource, Bishop John invites us to reflect on which aspects of parish life have altered during the pandemic, and what this means for the future of our communities. What has been lost and must stay lost? What has been lost but must be regained? What has been gained that opens the door to new opportunities and growth?

A significant part of this reassessment is looking at the changes in how people engage with the Church and identifying ways to encourage parishioners to return to in-person worship, in addition to welcoming new parishioners who have become engaged through the digital channels that became available during lockdown.

Supporting this is a helpful guide on the practical steps parishes can take to continue the reassuring and welcoming environment established by priests, volunteers, and stewards during the pandemic, alongside highlighting valuable resources that offer mental health and bereavement support to those in need.

An integral part of Rebuilding Parish Communities is the focus given to the sacramental life of the Church, and how schools and parishes can work together to continue their work preparing young people for their First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The full Rebuilding Parish Communities resource is available to view online now and will be updated on our Resources page as and when changes are made.

Bishop John said: “There are many suggestions in this resource, but it will be up to parish communities to discern which aspects of parish life should be resumed and which shouldn’t. This work will need to be done in stages and priests and parish teams should take care to look after themselves too.”

The God who Speaks through St Mark

The Department for Formation arranged a wonderful series looking at the Gospel of St Mark. You can watch back the 4 talks here.

Shared Leadership Models – At a Glance

In April 2019, each parish was asked to establish a Shared Leadership Team. Shared Leadership will be essential in supporting priests in the task of Rebuilding Parish Communities which are synodal and mission orientated. All teams are advisory to the Parish Priest. You may use any of the suggested models, a combination of models or a different model. If you would like a facilitator to help set up a Shared Leadership Team in your parish, please email The models are summarised here and explored in more detail here. There are videos explaining the models here.

Development Suggestions

As we look forward towards Stage 4, here are some Development Suggestions your parish could try.

New Sacramental Programme Resource launch

Heart Speaks to Heart: Reconciliation & Holy Communion

© Diocese of Leeds, 2020 – Text by Tim Swinglehurst and team. Illustrations by Si Smith (Beehive Illustration). Icons of the Holy Spirit and the Last Supper by Charlie Abrahams.

This wonderful First Reconciliation & Holy Communion resource comes highly recommended by the Diocese of Salford Sacramental Preparation working party ‘The Wisdom Group’. This new resource in designed for Family Catechesis so parents/carers can work with their child through the sessions with support from the parish and school catechists. The sessions are based on the virtues and encourages prayer as a family with beautiful artwork. The book includes 5 sessions on reconciliation & 7 sessions on holy communion.

An online interactive PDF workbook & videos for each session are available at the links below. These resources are available free of charge for our parishes, schools and homes.Please direct any feedback or questions about this resource to the Department for Formation.

PDF Workbook
Session Videos
Catechists’ Resources (Please email for the password).

Printed copies of the young persons workbook are available via the Cathedral Centre Bookshop here. The workbook are £5.00 per copy and parishes/schools can be invoiced for this. These can be delivered or collected from the Cathedral Centre Bookshop. The printed workbooks are a quality product which the young people can keep as a reminder of their journey of faith.

New Confirmation Resource launch


Empowered – Outline (PDF)

You can download the 10 sessions as PowerPoints and PDFs here.

‘Family is Sacred’ course – a success

In January 2020, Bishop John provided a vision for Home, School and Parish partnership as part of Hope in the Future.

Our Vision

Our parishes, schools and families working together in partnership to develop a shared faith journey for our young people.

Our Mission

To provide resources and to facilitate opportunities that enable our parishes, schools, and families to develop closer links, encouraging our young people to grow and develop their faith within their community.

Families are the ‘linchpin’ between school and parish. For many, parents are the first teachers of the faith. During the pandemic, the families working party wanted to provide some support for marriage and family life and the domestic Church.

On the 9th July, we hosted an online webinar to introduce the programme ‘Family is Sacred’ which helps to support and enrich marriage and family life.

The programme supports families in their mission of being the salt, light and leaven of the world, thereby helping families live out the Catholic Vision of marriage and family life. A number of people joined the webinar from around the diocese.

There was input from Fr Bryan Cunningham, a Schoenstatt Father who helped to develop the programme and is responsible for Marriage and Family life in the Department for Formation. Fr Bryan explored Marriage & Family Life – As a way to holiness and gave an overview of the ‘Family is Sacred’ programme.

Matthew and Marianne Barnes then delivered a session on the ‘Religious Importance in a family’ giving examples from their own marriage and lives. Attendees were then allocated to ‘breakout rooms’ to discuss how lockdown has affected Marriage and Family life and faith.

After returning to the main room to share, Fr Bryan explained how we hope to offer this programme online in September 2020 and possibly in parishes and deaneries around Spring 2021.

The session slides are available here:

Family is Sacred Webinar PowerPoint Slides

Thy Kingdom Come 2021

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus. This year’s Thy Kingdom Come will happen from 13th – 23rd May. You can view resources for the Catholic Church here. Please pray between these dates for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our communities as we share the Good News of Jesus with others.


Video for Altar Servers Made to Help Rebuild Confidence

Following a successful retreat for Altar Servers, which took place on Saturday 27th February, a video has been produced to help Altar Servers to rebuild their confidence after a period of being unable to serve due to the pandemic.

After the successful retreat, which you can read more about here, feedback was shared with the team which found that some Altar Servers felt nervous about returning to being servers on a Sunday.

The video features an introduction from Bishop John and features a step by step guide on serving led by Fr David Featherstone, which he hopes will help to ease any worries servers might have about returning to the Altar.

In his introduction, Bishop John thanked Altar Servers and said: “Be assured that your parish priest will be glad to see you come back, and will not be watching for any mistakes, but just pleased that you’re there. If you do make mistakes, don’t worry, you will soon get back into the routine.

“Thank you for wanting to serve. Please remember that your parish priest and the people of the parish are pleased that you help at the altar because it helps them to pray and adds dignity to all that happens on the altar. I hope that you’ll find this little video reminder helpful, and I am so grateful that you want to support. Thank you.”

You can watch the video below. Please share with anyone who may find this useful.

Resource Launch – 14th April 2021

Representatives Gathering – 23rd March 2021

Download Presentation

Year of St Joseph & the Family – March 2021-2022

The Year of St Joseph & the Family
March 2021 – 2022

“Although it may not be frequently mentioned, St Joseph is a Principal Patron of our Diocese. We will be celebrating his feast day on 19th March and we need to mark that day in a special way this year because Pope Francis has dedicated this year to St Joseph and the Family. That announcement was probably overshadowed by so much news about the pandemic but we have the year to remind ourselves of the important role of St Joseph in the history of our Faith and his example to us in his role as a protector and guardian of Mary and the child Jesus. In the secular age in which we live, we have a special need to “protect” the sense of Faith and all that it can provide for our world when we put gospel values into action to establish peace, the dignity of every human being, the sanctity of life from conception to its natural end and to eradicate poverty and suffering.

“It is too easy to think of St Joseph as just one of the saints whose statues we see in many churches, or in the crib at Christmas. But his influence is strong, as a model of the best qualities of manhood, in providing security and well-being for his family and for his trust in all that God was asking of him. He has been the inspiration in the founding charism of several religious orders, including the Mill Hill Missionaries and the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph, founded in this Diocese.

“We marked his goodness for many years in this Diocese particularly in what was known as “St Joseph’s Penny”, a collection for the poor and the needy, which became a foundation of the present valuable work of Caritas and its wide range of projects and programmes for those most in need in our towns and cities.

“In this Diocese we will mark The Year of St Joseph and the Family together from 19th March 2021 – 19th March 2022.

“St Joseph, pray for us.”

Bishop John Arnold

Resources can be found on our St Joseph and the Family page here

Diocesan Lenten Course 2021 – Let us Dream – Introduction Session

Hope in the Future Representatives Zoom Gathering

Parish and Deanery Hope in the Future Representatives are invited to attend a Zoom Gathering on Tuesday 23rd March at 7:00pm. There will be chance to share the challenges and opportunities of this time in your locality as well as to hear about plans for Stage 4.

Register by emailing and you will receive the link the day before.

Catechists’ Zoom Gathering – Waiting for Green – Being a catechist on “Pause”

Thursday 11th March, 7:00pm-8:30pm, Zoom

Led by The Wisdom Group exploring how we can support you and your ministry with practical resources for use now and in the future.

Email to register.

Zoom Launch – ‘EMPOWERED’ Confirmation Resources

During these challenging times when groups cannot gather for catechesis, we have developed ten online sessions to prepare candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The sessions are based on the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit plus a session on the Rite of Confirmation and a post confirmation session. The sessions will be available to download for free from the diocesan website as PowerPoints with a leaders guide. These sessions can be delivered online using zoom, MS Teams or similar. You may wish to run your sessions during the seasons of Lent or Easter or at a time to suit your deanery. Each session is designed to last around one hour. Join us on Tuesday 2nd March at 7:00pm on Zoom where we will be giving an overview of the course, sharing a session and helping with any questions you may have. If you wish to attend, please email

Let us Dream – Our Lenten Journey with Pope Francis, guided by Austen Ivereigh

LET US DREAM — Our Lenten Journey with Pope Francis, guided by Austen Ivereigh.Over the Wednesdays of Lent we will explore Pope Francis’ book, Let us Dream, with the assistance of Austen Ivereigh, who worked closely with Pope Francis on the book.
Let Us Dream is the first book by a pope in response to a specific crisis, and offers us Pope Francis’s spiritual guidance for humanity in the throes of the Covid crisis, helping us to seize the opportunity for conversion and change — as individuals and as a society.

The course will begin with an Introductory presentation by Austen on Wednesday 24th February at 7pm.

Every Wednesday from 3rd March until 31st March we will meet 7pm-8.30pm, again with an opening reflection from Austen, to explore the book in five sections, share our thoughts, ask questions and deepen our understanding of the Lord’s call to us, to our Church and world through the teaching of Pope Francis.

This is a wonderful opportunity and the Bishop and Diocese are very grateful to Austen Ivereigh for making this possible.

Please note, you may benefit from buying Austen’s book prior to the event so that you can contribute fully to the discussion, though this isn’t compulsory.

Please email to book your place.

Altar Servers Online Retreat – ‘Serving God and our neighbour in the everyday’

Saturday 27th February 2021 – 10am-12pm (Ages 8-11) and 1pm-3pm (Ages 12-17)
Servers aged 18 and over please email the address below

The day includes a keynote from Bishop John on the ministry of serving during this time and in the future, times of prayer, a recommissioning service and workshops on ‘Challenges & Opportunities’, ‘Prayer – A Friendship with Jesus’, and ‘Called to Serve’.

To register your place or for more information email indicate your child’s age and which session they will be attending.

An under 18’s videoconferencing consent form must be downloaded, completed by parents/carers and returned to the above email address. The retreat will take place on Zoom.

You can download a poster here and a Videoconferencing consent form. Please share these online, in your parish and with servers who may be interested.

Bishop Leads Holy Hour: Hope in Difficult Times

On Sunday 4th October, the day we would usually launch the new stage of Hope in the Future, Bishop John led a Holy Hour from Salford Cathedral which was livestreamed via Churchservices tv.

The theme of the Holy Hour was Hope in Difficult Times, with the hopes that the Holy Hour would provide parishioners from the top to the bottom of our diocese with an opportunity to reflect and to take stock of the last few months.

The focus was not on moving to stage four of Hope in the Future, but rather reflecting on the presence of the Lord all through lockdown and as we continue on our journey. The Lord has, in a very real sense, answered our prayer and stayed with us on our journey. We need to pause, draw breath, grieve where we need to grieve but also be grateful where we can be and allow ourselves to be renewed.

During his Homily, Bishop John called on us to have hope and encouraged us in times of worry, to pray – remembering those in refugee camps or those who are persecuted for their faith, and thinking about our global neighbours who share our common home. He referred to Pope Francis’s new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, which was published on the same day.

During Benediction, Bishop John gave a blessing to those virtually attending the service as well as moving outside to the Cathedral Piazza to bless all people in our diocese, offering us all hope through these uncertain times.

A new document called ‘Rebuild my Church’ has been published by the Department of Formation which is full of resources to help us through this period of reflection. You can view this by clicking here.

You can watch a recording of the Holy Hour by clicking here 

The God who Speak at Mass – Fr Eamonn Mulcahy, CSSp

Fr Eamonn Mulcahy presents his Zoom talk on the God Who Speaks at Mass. Here he talks as part of the Diocese of Salford’s God who Speaks series which was to be hosted at the Hidden Gem but was postponed due to the pandemic.

The God who Speaks in Creation – Sr Margaret Atkins, CRSA

In August, the Department for Formation was delighted to welcome Sr. Margaret Atkins, CRSA, to present a talk on The God who speaks through creation via Zoom. The talk was part of the series ‘The God who speaks in the City’ to celebrate The Year of the Word which was to be hosted at the Hidden Gem but postponed due to the pandemic.

Sister Margaret Atkins is a Canoness of St Augustine in the community at Boarbank Hall, Cumbria. She is a lecturer and author in Theology with special interest, amongst other things, in the ethics of the environment.

Over 60 attendees from around the diocese joined virtually. In her talk, Sister Margaret suggested that God is speaking through His creation but asked the question, ‘are we listening carefully?’ She reminded attendees of the beauty of God’s creation and of our responsibility to care for it.

Quoting Pope Francis in his document on our Common Home, Laudato si’, Sr Margaret said we need to hear ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’. She went on to say, ‘although climate change is a real challenge for our world, we must not despair. God is to be trusted and is capable of bringing good out of evil’. The talk finished with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Join us for the next talks on Zoom at 7pm.

October 7th – Fr James Crampsey, SJ – The God Who Speaks in Letters
October 28th – Fr Joe Evans – The God Who Speaks to Us Today: Contemporary Challenges through a Biblical Lens
November 25th – Fr Michael Winstanley SDB – The God Who Speaks in the Gospel of St John

Register by emailing

Meeting Jesus in our Offering

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, and during the long period of praying at home, Bishop John wrote: “As we pray at home, perhaps following streamed Masses from around the Diocese, we can experience special graces from the Lord at these challenging times. As the gifts of bread and wine are presented on the altar, we are invited to offer to God all our prayers, concerns and hopes, trusting that he will transform them just as he will transform the gifts of bread and wine into his very self. We are encouraged to join in praying the eucharistic prayer in our hearts as the priest offers the sacrifice of Jesus to the Father on behalf of the people.”

Read the third worksheet by clicking here: Meeting Jesus in our Offering – Worksheet Three

Meeting Jesus in our Mission

Our final pastoral message and worksheet focused on the Concluding Rites of the Mass and how we are sent out on Mission, to be Missionary Disciples in our Missionary Parishes.

In the worksheet, Bishop John wrote: “Having encountered Jesus in each other, in his word and in his body and blood we are called to go out from our parish communities and be the living Church. When we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, he lives in us and we live in
him. This is the source for our Christian lives and the source of our strength for the mission that Jesus gave us “to make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

“During these challenging days, we have had to be a missionary Church in different ways. It has been wonderful to see so many parishes live streaming Masses, offering online formation, and providing acts of service to their communities. As churches reopen, we have a wonderful challenge of welcoming newcomers to our parishes.”

Read the final worksheet by clicking here: Meeting Jesus in our Mission – Worksheet Four

A Journey Through the Mass – Youth Resource

Earlier this year we created a video series called ‘a Journey Through the Mass’, which explored each stage of the Mass in more detail to help young people to gain a deeper understanding of what makes it such a special celebration.

Each video includes questions to reflect on and these videos can be used as a talking point for parish youth groups and in school settings.

In the first of our Journey Through the Mass videos Fr Richard Howard talks us through the Introductory Rites.

Fr Mark Paver shares his reflections on the Liturgy of the Word. Why is listening to the word of God so important?

Fr Paul Daly begins the guide to the Liturgy of the Eucharist by asking viewers to consider what the Eucharist means to them, and what the bread and wine we bring to the altar represents.

In our final video, Fr Chris Gorton helps us to reflect on how we can be ambassadors for Christ, taking what we have heard and felt in the Mass and applying it to our daily lives. How can we be open to God’s love in our own lives?

Sing a new song to the Lord

On Saturday 8th February music ministers from across the diocese gathered at St Cuthbert’s parish in Bolton for a Music and Liturgy Workshop Day with Jo Boyce as part of Hope in the Future Stage 3. The programme looked at the shape of the liturgy, the role of music within it, as well as sharing new music, ideas and resources for the development and renewal of parish music ministry, finishing with a vigil Mass with music led by Jo and the attendees from the day. Jo is a talented composer of a number of well-known Catholic hymns including Bread of Life Truth Eternal, Taste and See and her setting of the Magnificat. She shared Mass settings, free responsorial psalms along with some new music.She also introduced the L!FT programme for renewal and development of parish music, song and liturgy looking at the importance of leadership and discipleship. The slides from the day can be found here and below is a short summary video from the day.

Meeting Jesus in our Listening

This weekend you will receive the second of our worksheets for this year, which concerns the
Liturgy of the Word at Sunday Mass. Both Pope Francis and the Bishops of England and Wales
have called on us this year to think more and more about the importance of the Sacred Scriptures
in our journey of faith: as Bishop John says in today’s message: “… it is in listening to the readings
from the Scriptures that we hear God Himself speaking to us. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us
that “the Word of God is something alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12) which means that even the
most familiar passages of the Scriptures can speak to us in different and new ways according to the
circumstances of our lives, challenging and reassuring us, day by day. It is important that we
continually investigate and pray with the Scriptures so that God can be made present in all our
actions, choices and decisions.” In weeks to come we will explore the different parts of the Liturgy
of the Word one by one, but for this Sunday please spend some time thinking about, and
discussing, the way in which we have a personal encounter with Jesus through the Word of God
proclaimed in Sunday Mass.

Developing & Supporting School, Home & Parish Links

On Friday 31st January, the feast of St John Bosco, Bishop John wrote to schools, parish priests and Hope in the Future Teams sharing his vision to develop and support school, home and parish links. In his pastoral letter he asked schools to display their San Damiano Cross, launch Hope in the Future in their school community and identify a Hope in the Future school representative.  A handbook was also produced to foster good relations between school and parish which included 7 steps from school to parish, safeguarding guidance and resources. Bishop John wrote in his pastoral letter, ‘It is important that the good work which takes place in the school is shared and lived out in the parish community and that the young people’s faith journey continues in the parish long after they leave school through ongoing lifelong faith formation.’

Training Day for Eucharistic Ministers

Over 120 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion from parishes across our diocese attended a training and formation day led by the Iranaeus Project earlier in January.

At the event, Fr Chris Thomas and Sr Moira Meeghan explored the themes of Baptism and Vocation, the vision of the Church, practical sessions, dementia awareness and safeguarding guidance.

Fr Chris thanked all the attendees for responding to their vocation to serve God and his Church in this way.

In the practical sessions new ministers had the opportunity to practice and ask questions. More experienced ministers spoke of the honour of distributing Holy Communion at church and in bringing communion to the sick and housebound.

Fr Chris and Sr Moira finished the day by saying ‘more important than getting the practicalities perfect straight away is your prayer life and relationship with God’.

The next Hope in the Future and Formation event is a Music and Liturgy Workshop Day led by Jo Boyce. All are welcome to attend and can sign up on Eventbrite.

Shared Leadership Teams

Throughout Stage Three of Hope in the Future, parishes across the diocese have been uniting as they work together in responding to the call to establish a Shared Leadership Team.

In April 2019, Bishop John wrote to parish priests and Hope in the Future teams asking each parish to establish and Shared Leadership Team.  A Guide to Setting up a Parish Shared Leadership Team was produced which put forward four models which have previously worked well in a variety of contexts.

The guide included information about Parish Finance Committees, a commissioning service for parish teams, a parishioner survey and further information about available support. Recently two videos which place a spotlight on two different parishes models of Shared Leadership have been produced for other parishes in our diocese to use as inspiration.

The first video focuses on St Cuthbert’s in Bolton.  They used the guide to implement a Parish Advisory and Coordination Team model and now work with their parish priest, Fr Chris Gorton, to ensure the smooth running of their parish community.

The second video illustrates how the Parish Leadership Team has worked in Holy Trinity, Worsley, following amalgamations.

You may also find the following video of the Divine Renovation Shared Leadership Team model useful in setting up a Shared Leadership Team in your parish. You can watch that video by clicking here.

If you require more information on how to run a planning and vision session or to enquire about a facilitator please email

Stage 3 Newsletter Inserts

Back in October the Bishop wrote to us about Stage Three of “Hope in the Future”, inviting us to think and talk and pray about “Living the Sunday Eucharist”. On the weekend of 7th/ 8th December parishes received the first Pastoral Message & Worksheet from the Bishop on Meeting Jesus in our Welcome. There will be three more of these in the coming Liturgical Year, so there will be plenty to think about!

Every week, from today to the end of August we will be issuing a short reflection for inclusion in your parish newsletters. Week by week we will go through the Sunday Mass, offering thoughts and explanations which it is hoped will enhance our celebrations, and allow them to become more and more a real and vibrant encounter with God.
You can view the first set of reflections here.

Readers Training Day

Marian Tolley presented a training day for Ministers of the Word.  She offered a prayerful perspective paired with practical action for readers in our diocese, to help them in their own formation and in immersing themselves in the Mass in their own parishes. You can read more about the day here and view the video below.

Stage 3 Launch

On Friday 4th October 2019 we launched Stage 3 which you can read about here.

Stage 2 Launch

On Thursday 4th October 2018 we gave thanks to God for all we achieved together in Stage 1 and launched Stage 2. You can read about the celebration here and listen to Bishop John’s homily here.

Stage 1 Formation Videos

As part of Stage 1 a number of formation days were held throughout 2018. The aim of the days were to provide an opportunity to meet together and reflect on what it is to be missionary and what we mean by discipleship. The sessions were led by Fr Gerard Kelly and focused on providing on a time of reflection where we can consider the part that the Holy Spirit plays in all that we are doing. Evangelisation must touch our hearts, becoming the engine that drives us forward in our mission, it is the Holy Spirit who gives us the courage to advance. You can view the videos below.

Video 1 – Mission and Evangelisation
What is a Missionary Parish? A look back on Church teachings.

Hope in the Future Formation 2 – Mission and Evangelisation
The Evangelising Church

Hope in the Future Formation 3 – Mission and Evangelisation
How do we become Missionary Disciples?

Hope in the Future Formation 4 – Mission and Evangelisation
Proclaiming the Good News