Home Mission Sunday 2019

Sunday 15th September 2019

Each year the Church in England and Wales celebrates Home Mission Sunday. It is an opportunity to inspire us all to share the Good News we have received and a reminder to us that we live in Missionary territory.

This year, the theme of Home Mission Sunday is Rejoice with me.

What is Home Mission Sunday?

Home Mission Sunday provides us with the opportunity to focus on spreading the Gospel in our local areas. At the same time, the second collection for this Sunday supports the work of the Home Mission Office.

Contributing to this collection is one way to play your part in our vision to help the local Church make the Joy of the Gospel a reality across England and Wales.

Home Mission in our diocese

Home Mission Sunday is an important day on our journey to becoming Missionary Disciples in Missionary Parishes. 

In our diocese, we will soon be approaching the launch of Stage Three of Hope in the Future where we will place a special focus on Living the Sunday Eucharist.  This includes our parish welcome, our liturgy and our hospitality towards everyone, including those in our wider community who may not attend church frequently.

Retreat in my Pocket

September also marks the beginning of the Year of the Word; The God who Speaks. This provides us with the opportunity to help people encounter Christ through the Word of God. The retreat in my pocket giveaway is a simple A4 sheet that can be printed and folded into a business card size booklet containing short passages based on the bible to reflect upon.



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