Lord’s Day at Home

This page will be updated each Wednesday.

Lord’s Day at Home

For those still at home and not attending Mass, the Liturgy Office has prepared a sheet called ‘The Lord’s Day at Home’, based on the Sunday Scriptures, so that you can pray on your own or with your family. It is particularly aimed at those not able to follow a Mass on in the internet.

This week’s Lord’s Day at Home resource can be found by clicking here.

Lord’s Day at Church 

The Liturgy Office have prepared Lord’s Day at Church single use Mass sheets to be printed out for parish use.

There are two formats: Option 1 is with Communion at its usual moment in the Mass, Option 2 is a guide for Communion as people leave the church.

The Lord’s Day at Church sheets can be found by clicking the links below.

Lent 3B

Option 1
Option 2