Envirolent: Reuse

Saturday 7th March 2020

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis talks about what he calls a ‘throwaway culture’ which is leaving our earth looking as if it is “an immense pile of filth”.  Let us take Pope Francis’s words to heart and try to reduce, as with last week, and begin to reuse the things we do have.

In this week’s theme, Reuse, consider whether as an individual or parish community you can weave this thinking into a year-round approach which will help us all to play our part in caring for our common home.

We have highlighted a number of practical suggestions which may help you to think about reducing your own consumption.

Repair, don’t discard

Could you host a repair café in your parish? Or could your parish craft group help by donating an afternoon to repairing clothes for a charity donation?

Sharing is caring

Instead of throwing something away, think could I share my belongings, tools, books or clothes with others in my community?

Swap Shops

Grab your clothes and host a swap shop in your parish.  That way, you’re getting the joy of something new without overwhelming yourself with new belongings and increasing your carbon footprint.

Download all of the Envirolent posters for parishes here, and for schools here.

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