Safeguarding Commission

Appointed by the diocesan Bishop and acting on his and the diocesan trustees’ behalf the Commission has both advisory and supportive functions. The Commission receives all national policies and via the Safeguarding Co-ordinator and their team, implements and updates them across the Diocese as required.

The Diocese of Salford Safeguarding Commission, works closely with and monitors the work of the safeguarding team and consists of representatives from the local authority, police, health and clergy, all of whom have a background in safeguarding procedures and implementation. Whilst the Safeguarding Commission is part of the structure of the Diocese, it has a degree of independence and objectivity as many members of the Commission are not members of the Church. The commission is dedicated to prioritising the support offered to survivors during any investigations. The structure of the Safeguarding Commission enables and encourages processes whereby survivors are always listened to and have their complaints acted upon.

The Diocese has developed an ongoing programme of training for clergy and as such the safeguarding team delivers training to raise awareness of safeguarding issues, in prioritising the concerns of victims, and in promoting a healthy and confident ministry with children and adults at risk. The safeguarding team liaise closely with statutory authorities to ensure that when a disclosure is made, procedures are in place that allow for transparent practices. The safeguarding policies and procedures of the diocese of Salford are themselves part of a wider set of procedures carried out in all 22 Catholic dioceses of England and Wales.

The members of Salford Diocese Safeguarding Commission are as follows:

Chair-  Mike Devlin. Mike can be contacted by e mail at 

Fr Christopher Dawson

Mgr Michael Kujacz

Sister Philomena McCluskey

Lorraine Leonard (Advisor)

Mark Wiggin

Bob Ganley

Dr Maria Cunningham

DS Wendy Grace

Marie Corran

Rachel McGee (Advisor)

Dawn Lundergan (Safeguarding Co-ordinator)

Cath Taylor (Safeguarding Officer)

Joanne Pell (Safeguarding Office Manager & Minute-Taker)