School GIFT Chaplaincy Team Members

This role is to serve as a member of a GIFT Chaplaincy Team to support the Catholic Life of the School. Pupils will be entrusted with the responsibility of:

  • Giving joyful witness of Christ in their school – missionary disciples.
  • Providing support in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.
  • Assisting with the Sacramental programme.
  • Peer pastoral care – building on the good practice in your school.
  • Assisting with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school supporting assemblies, worship, class prayer times and prayer groups.
  • Assisting with developing and leading retreat experiences for pupils.
  • Developing and leading social justice activities in your school.
  • Developing the use of the chapel/prayer room/sacred spaces or areas.
  • Being present on parents and opening evenings to help with the welcome of all the community.
  • Developing outreach work and supporting local, national and international charities – Caritas Diocese of Salford, Cafod: working for change – being the change makers.


For new teams who have not received the Diocesan Training the following Dates are available:

9th February 2018

11th May 2018

For more details or to book your school a place on one of these dates, please contact lorraine.leonard@dioceseofsalford.org.uk (Diocesan Youth Co-ordinator)

As part of our Diocesan pastoral renewal programme, Hope in the Future we have produced some resources to Develop & Support school & parish links. You can find these here. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to take an active role in the parish.