Contact Us

Bishop’s Office

Marie Sartini, Bishop’s PA 

Contact: 0161 794 2825

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Pauline Morgan, Chief Operating Officer

Contact: 0161 817 2222

Lisa Heywood, Project Manager

Contact: 0161 817 2222

Angela Dease, Administrator

Contact: 0161 817 2203

Vicars General

Rev Canon Michael Cooke, Moderator of the Curia

Contact: 0161 817 2200

Rev Mgr John Daly

Contact: 0161 817 2200

Rev Peter Hopkinson, Vicar General for the Clergy

Contact: 0161 817 2200

Paul Carr, Personal Assistant to the Vicars General 

Contact: 0161 817 2200


Rachel McGee, Communications Manager
Rosie Heaton, Communications Assistant

Contact: 0161 817 2201

Data Protection

Sarah Williams, Data Protection Officer

Contact: 0161 817 2203


Simon Smith, Director of Education
Peter Moore, Deputy Director of Education
Anna Nuttall, Secondary RE Lead
Catherine Moss, Primary RE Lead
Angela Williams, Administration
Tracey Ward, Administration
Lizzie Cavanagh, Administration

Contact: 0161 817 2204


Ruth Turley, Finance Manager
Jenny Holdstock, Management Accountant
Dominic Rowen, Finance Officer
Joel Williams, Finance Officer

Nigel Liggett, Finance Officer
Michael Njolomole, Finance Officer supporting parishes and Gift Aid

Contact: 0161 817 2213



Fr Paul Daly, Episcopal Vicar for Formation
Lorraine Leonard, Youth Ministry Coordinator
John Griffin, Hope in the Future
Lauren Cumbo, Administrator

Contact: 0161 817 2214

Health and Safety

Michael Moir, Health and Safety Coordinator
Ian Tracey, Health and Safety Officer

Contact: 0161 817 2216


Hannah Howard, HR Manager
Emma Shalliker, Personnel Officer

Contact: 0161 817 2222


John Corrigan, Property Consultant
Matthew Barnes, Building Surveyor
David Farrington, Building Surveyor
Waheed Masters, Senior Technical Officer
Stephanie Connor, Property Officer
Rebekah Rogerson, Business Apprentice
Ellie Grundy, Administration

Contact: 0161 817 2203


Dawn Lundergan, Director of Safeguarding
Cath Taylor, Safeguarding Officer
Madeline Wheeler, Safeguarding Administrator
Nathan Keogh, Safeguarding Administrator

Contact: 0161 817 2206


Fr Christopher Dawson, Chancellor and Judicial Vicar

Contact: 0161 817 2202


Lorraine Leonard, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Contact: 0161 817 2205


St Joseph’s Cemetery
Moston Lane
M28 4UJ

Contact: 0161 681 1582
Fax: 0161 682 8352

St Mary’s Cemetery
Manchester Road
M40 9QL

Contact: 0161 794 2194
Fax: 0161 794 9811