Training & CPDF Programme

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Key Dates for 2019-2020

Please see below the key dates for our 2019-2020 Continuing Professional Development and Formation programme.

To book onto any of our CPDF programmes, you will need to LOGIN to our Resource Centre using the log-on details which have been administered to each school. Please be advised that we cannot take any course bookings by telephone or email.

If you are struggling to login or do not have your login details, please email

Headteachers & Senior Leaders

Here you will find the details of the training we offer for all of our Headteachers and Senior Leaders.

Headteacher Induction Programme

This 5 day induction programme is a comprehensive introduction to the vision, knowledge, skills and competencies required for successful headship in a Catholic school. It offers guidance and support to headteachers in areas such as  strategic development, governance, finance, buildings, welfare and statutory responsibilities. It is expected that all those who are new to headship in a school in the Diocese of Salford, will attend this programme

  • Thursday 19th September 2019
  • Friday 20th September 2019
  • Friday 6th December 2019
  • Tuesday 3rd March 2020
  • Tuesday 30th June 2020

Headteacher & Senior Leadership Conference

The details of our next Headteacher & Senior Leadership conference are still to be finalised however it will be a great opportunity to gather as a family of schools in the Diocese of Salford, to renew our collective mission and vision to “the live life to the full” (John 10:10).

  • Thursday 6th February 2020
  • Friday 7th February 2020

Headteacher & Chair of Governor Briefings

The Heads and Chairs briefing sessions aim to provide a mechanism for effective, transparent and up-to-date communication of key messages and developments from the Diocesan Department for Education and also act as a forum for exploring current issues and challenges facing the diocese and schools. The 2019-2020 dates we anticipate to be held on:-


– Tuesday 26 Nov 19
– Tuesday 03 Dec 19


– Thursday 25 Jun 20
– Thursday 02 Jul 20

Senior Leaders in Salford

This 2 day programme aims to inspire and further develop a deeper understanding of the distinctive nature of teaching within a Catholic School and will focus on leadership and formation. This programme will enable us to be responsive to relevant and current matters, and to build upon the context of Catholic education and its mission in the Diocese of Salford.

  • Thursday 15th October 2019
  • Wednesday 20th May 2020

Religious Education & Formation

Here you will find the details of the training we offer in relation to the development of Religious Education.

The Kerygma Programme

This is a 3 day programme provided for schools to ensure there is no shortfall of knowledge in Religious Education teaching within the classroom. The Kerygma Programme is a course for teachers, teaching assistants and members of staff who are leading GIFT Chaplaincy teams who require an introduction to the teaching of the Church, Scripture & Catholic Education.

  • Dates to be announced


Following the success of our previous training day, we are delighted to bring this back again for the next academic year. This course is designed for both primary and secondary teachers  and teaching assistants who want to promote higher levels of learning through the use of mindfulness.

  • Wednesday 4th March 2020

Primary Leaders of RE

Meetings for Primary Leaders of RE take place each term and seek to address national issues and concerns/areas which schools might need support with. The meetings are also an opportunity to share resources, policy and best practice, ideas and give mutual support. The meetings will aim to invite guest speakers of particular need.

  • Dates to be announced

Secondary Heads of RE

We are still in the planning stages for our 2019-2020 programme.

  • Dates to be announced


GIFT Chaplaincy Teams & Adult Leaders

Here you will find the details of the training we offer in relation to GIFT Chaplaincy.

Formation for Adult Leaders of GIFT Chaplaincy Teams

This is 2 day programme will explore the initiative from Pope Francis, 2018 Synod on Youth and aims equip the leaders of our young people with in service suggestions for celebrating the Liturgical cycle in your school.

  • Wednesday 16th October 2019
  • Friday 24th January 2020

Gift Chaplaincy Team Training

Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) Chaplaincy Teams are a small group of  pupils who have been ordained by Canon Tony McBride on behalf of Bishop John Arnold in order to give a joyful witness of Christ. The GIFT Chaplaincy Team provide support for teachers and other children, by helping to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.

  • Friday 20th September 2019
  • Thursday 23rd January 2020
  • Friday 8th May 2020


Newly Qualified Teachers

Here you will find the details of the training we offer for Newly Qualified Teachers.

NQT Programme

The Core programme consists of 4 key sessions which all NQT’s are required to attend. Throughout these sessions, NQT’ts will review the Catholic life of the school and related curriculum
topics such as SMSC, Caritas in Action and a day for spiritual development.

To help us manage the programme more efficiently we split our NQT’s into two groups, Alpha and Omega. These groups will attend on different dates but will receive the same information.

When you register your NQT they will be allocated to a group and they will need to continue to attend with that group throughout the programme.

Alpha Dates

– Thursday 17th October 2019
– Monday 13th January 2020
– Thursday 19th March 2020
– Wednesday 17th June 2020

Omega Dates

– Friday 18th October 2019
– Tuesday 14th January 2020
– Friday 20th March 2020
– Thursday 18th June 2020



It is a requirement of the Diocese that all newly appointed & re-appointed governors attend training within six months of their appointment. We offer regular Governance Training courses for school Governors and our training is open to all Governors within our Diocese, not just Foundation Governors. The details for the next training module have not yet been finalised but please keep the below dates for reference:-

  • Saturday 23rd November 2019
  • Saturday 30th November 2019
  • Saturday 8th February 2020
  • Saturday 14th March 2020
  • Saturday 25th April 2020
  • Saturday 9th May 2020