About School Governors

Governing Boards of Catholic voluntary aided schools are the employers and the admissions body for the school. The board consists of members drawn from a range of backgrounds including parents, staff, the local authority, the parish and wider school community.

Foundation Governors are appointed in the name of the Bishop by the Episcopal Vicar for Education and they form the majority of the Board. They have a legal duty to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school and to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with its Trust Deed.  Their responsibility is not only to consider the interests of their individual school or college but also the interests of other schools and colleges and Catholic education in general across the Diocese.

Nominees would not be expected to have a direct knowledge of current education law, of school organisation or governance but should be willing to learn and dedicate reasonable time to their responsibilities.  They would be expected to have a genuine commitment to the educational, personal and spiritual development of students and in particular to the wellbeing of the school community as a whole, and to attend all relevant diocesan training. Supportive packs and appropriate training opportunities will be made available.

Governance Training

Headteacher & Chair of Governor Briefings

The Heads and Chairs briefing sessions aim to provide a mechanism for effective, transparent and up-to-date communication of key messages and developments from the Diocesan Department for Education and also act as a forum for exploring current issues and challenges facing the diocese and schools. The dates are:-


  • Thursday 25 Jun 20 – Venue TBC
  • Thursday 02 Jul 20 – Venue TBC

Ten Ten

Cost:- Free
Location:- Cathedral Centre, Salford
Timings:-  arrival at 9:00am to start at 9:30am to finish at 3:30pm
Book Your Place:- please select the date you would like to attend.

We will be hosting phase specific training in February for all Senior Leaders, Governor and RE Leads. The sessions will be an opportunity to look at the new Statutory RSE requirements and the resources to support this produced by Ten:Ten.


Governance Training

It is a requirement of the Diocese that all newly appointed & re-appointed governors attend training within six months of their appointment. All bookings for training must be made via the link below:-

Cost:- Free
Location:- Cathedral Centre, 3 Ford Street, Salford, M3 6DP
Timings:-  arrival at 9:00am to start at 9:30am to finish at 3:30pm
Book Your Place:- please click here.


  • Saturday 23rd November – L1 – Mission & Governance
  • Saturday 30th November – L2 – Accountability & Inspection
  • Saturday 8th February – L1 – Mission & Governance
  • Saturday 14th March – L2 – Accountability & Inspection
  • Saturday 25th April – L1 – Mission & Governance
  • Saturday, 2nd May – L3a – Role & Curriculum Distinctiveness
  • Saturday 20th June – L3b – Equality & 5 Ws


Gender & Equality

Cost:- Free
Location:- Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Westhoughton
Timings:-  arrival at 9:30am to start at 10:00am to finish at 3:00pm
Book Your Place:- to book your place please click here

We would like to invite headteachers, governors and clergy to a full day session centring on equality and the challenges facing Catholic schools. The session will help give an understanding to the relationship between the Equality Act 2010 and Catholic teaching. The session will focus on understanding the issues, responding to the issues and managing Ofsted requirements regarding equality and formulating a response.

Dr Duffy will be discussing the challenges faced from a medical practitioners perspective, theologian John McDade will be discussing the spiritual implications and Sr Judith Russi will join these together focusing on practical application.

  • Friday 13th March

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Foundation Governor?

They are appointed by the Bishop to represent his education policy in his school. They preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school.

What do Foundation Governors do?

Ensure the Catholic ethos of the school is upheld. Hold the Head teacher to account. Oversee the financial performance of the school and set the budget. Manage the school’s admissions criteria. Recruitment of senior leadership.

What are the time commitments?

The average Foundation Governor role will take up approximately 10-12 hours a month including attending one governing body meeting per term and serving on one committee.

Who can be a Foundation Governor?

You must be over 18. You must be a practising Catholic. A wide range of skills is a plus.