Finance and Admin

What we do

The Department for Finance and Administration forms part of the professional support services of the diocese and the primary responsibilities of this team are to:

  • assist the Bishop in his important role of governance of the diocese;
  • ensure the effective administration of the diocese in accordance with civil law reporting to the diocesan Trustees.

This includes the proper stewardship and management of finances, the upkeep, maintenance and development of property, health and safety arrangements and matters relating to employees for all parishes and the diocese.

In civil law the diocese is a registered charitable trust according to the established terms of a Trust Deed made on the 16th July, 1942 by Bishop Henry Vincent Marshall.  All the assets of the diocese, property, diocesan schools and any parish or diocesan investments are held on trust by the Trustees for the diocese and parishes.

In 2018, after a review of diocesan governance, the Trustees resolved to appoint a Chief Operating Officer to improve the effectiveness of our administrative, advisory and decision making procedures in order to provide greater support to our parishes and schools.

Who we are

Pauline Morgan, Chief Operating Officer
Contact: 0161 817 2222

Patrick O’Dowd, Director of Administration and Personnel
Contact: 0161 817 2203


The Finance Office are responsible for the proper stewardship and management of finances for all parishes and the Diocese.

Ruth Turley, Finance Manager
Contact: 0161 817 2222

Jenny Holdstock, Management Accountant
Contact: 0161 817 2222

Finance Officers:
Dominic Rowen
Joel Williams
Nigel Ligget
Abdullah Patel
Michael Njolomole (Supporting parishes and Gift Aid)

Contact: 0161 817 2222


Angela Dease, Administration Officer
Contact: 0161 817 2222 

HR and Personnel

Hannah Howard, HR Manager
Contact: 0161 817 2222 

Emma Shalliker, Personnel  
Contact: 0161 817 2222


Edward Nally, Consultant on Legal Affairs
Contact: 0161 817 2203


St Augustine
Grosvenor Square
All Saints
M15 6BW

Contact: 0161 236 6762

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