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Catholic Hub

Prayer, Music, Fellowship

The Catholic Hub is an exciting new event for Young Adults (18+) which is starting on Saturday 12th October, 7:30pm at Salford Cathedral.

Catholic Hub Song Book

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Our regular youth events are:

Reignite Young Adult Mass, takes place on the third Sunday of the Month This will start back towards the end of 2019.  Reignite is an opportunity to experience our faith as fun, engaging and transformative.

Come along for great speakers, guest homilists, our young adults music ministry, reunion with friends and social time.

Nightfever which takes place on the First Friday of the month at 7pm at Holy Name Church, Oxford Road.The concept behind Nightfever is very simple, the church remains open from 7pm – 10pm, bathed in just candlelight. On the altar is the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  Live music is softly played in the background. The atmosphere is one of beauty and of peace.

Our volunteers are outside, in pairs, simply just inviting passers by to come in and light a candle.  The response to the invitation varies, but a surprising amount of people come in and their breath is taken away by the beauty.  Many are struck by the beauty and ask to stay.  Some wish to talk, some just remain in silence.

Afterwards we retire to the chaplaincy next door for some pizza and to share our experiences – Come along and join the team!

If you have any queries please email