Stage Two Spotlight: Hope in the Future

Monday 30th September 2019

As we approach the end of Stage Two of Hope in the Future, ‘Harvesting our Talents’, we are putting the spotlight on a number of parishes who have weaved their gifts and talents into the life of the church.

Around the diocese, many parishes have already gotten involved, but it is important to remember that Hope in the Future is a journey.

At times, it may feel as though you are miles ahead or sometimes you might be worried that you aren’t moving quickly enough. But no matter where you are on your parish journey, you are not alone in it.

As a diocese, we are united in heading towards the same destination and goal: creating Missionary Disciples in Missionary Parishes.

St John Fisher, Kearsley

A parishioner from Kearsley designed a stained glass window of St John Fisher which was blessed by Bishop John (pictured) followed by Blessed Sacrament procession.

As well as this, parishioners have organised a Quarant’Ore which was very well attended and ended with a youth celebration.

To make their parish more inclusive, the parish have built a sensory garden to help people with dementia.  It is called the Hope Garden.

Fr Bryan is in the process of setting up a Shared Leadership Team.

Deanery of St Ambrose Barlow

The Deanery of St Ambrose Barlow, South Manchester, arranged for each church in the deanery to have a Hope in the Future candle. It was designed by a parishioner in the deanery and included a drawing of St Ambrose Barlow. A deanery Mass was also arranged followed by refreshments on the feast day of St Ambrose Barlow. There was a wonderful representation of clergy and parish teams from across the deanery.

St Vincent de Paul, Norden

To extend a warm welcome to parishioners and other visitors to the parish, the Hope in the Future team at St Vincent de Paul in Norden used their talents to produce a welcome booklet. The booklet, designed and printed by parishioners, explained different terms about Mass and Catholicism simply so that those visiting the church for funerals, weddings and baptisms could learn about our faith.

The document can be viewed here.

Deanery of St Joseph

The Deanery of St Joseph, Bolton, organised an ecumenical concert of prayer and music to celebrate the Hope Jesus brings to the area at Bolton Victoria Hall.

The evening included a talk from Fr Chris Gorton and performance from the Millennium Chapel Choir, Sacred Heart Primary School and Thornleigh Salesian College.

All money raised went to Francis House Children’s Hospice.


If you are looking for ideas and advice in implementing Hope in the Future in your parish, get in touch with our Hope in the Future team by emailing or calling us 0161 817 2222.



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