There are three Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts in the Diocese of Salford:

Romero Catholic Academy Trust

St Teresa of Calcutta 

Emmaus Catholic Academy Trust

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Academies in Salford Diocese

In January 2016, Diocesan Trustees decided that schools could begin to consider the option of converting to academy status.

This decision recognised that there is a changing landscape in regard to educational provision and funding since the earlier decision (taken in December 2012) not to allow any of our schools to convert.

The Trustees and the Diocesan Department for Education envisaged that some schools might convert and some might remain as they are, blending together in a “mixed economy” within our Diocesan family of Catholic schools.

These contrasting decisions by the Trustees are actually underpinned by the same principle, namely seeking to ensure that we preserve the Diocesan family of schools and the rights we have as a Catholic community regarding education under the dual system.

This position is set out in the terms of reference for the Diocesan Trustees’ Schools Committee which has, as one of its responsibilities: “Overseeing, through a specific sub-committee to be known as the Diocesan Trustees Academy Committee, the establishment of Catholic Multi Academy Trusts and the conversion of schools to academy status in a manner and at a timing appropriate to local needs.”

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