What we do

The Department for Finance forms part of the professional support services of the diocese and the primary responsibilities of this team is to ensure the proper stewardship and management of finances for all our parishes and the diocese.

Who we are

Jenny Holdstock, Head of Finance
Ruth Turley, Financial Controller
Dan Lyons, Management Accountant
Dominic Rowen, Finance Officer
Joel Williams, Finance Officer

Nigel Liggett, Finance Officer
Michael Njolomole, Finance Officer supporting parishes and Gift Aid

Contact: 0161 817 2213


Below you can download Gift Aid declaration and stationery forms to use in your parish. If you have any queries about these documents, please contact the Finance department by calling 0161 817 2213.

Gift Aid Declaration Forms

Multiple Declarations Form 
Oral Declarations Form
Single Donation Gift Aid Declaration

Gift Aid Stationery Forms

Information about Gift Aid leaflet
Gift Aid Record Recommendations
Alteration Form
Cancellation Form
One Off Confirmation Letter
Requisition Request Form
Weekly Summary Excel – GASDS and Gift Aid